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Old-timer Volvos For Sale

We have varying stock of tax free Volvos like the Volvo 245, Amazon, PV 544 etc. Our extensive Volvo stock list is now even more comprehensive by added photos and details. Click here to see our online stock list. Our stock changes weekly. In addition, we frequently have a few, more modern, models available. If you are

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Address: 6, Heizenschedijk 5066 PL Moergestel, the Netherlands Tel: +31 13 513 4033 Info: Scandcar general

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  Volvo Parts Scandcar  for Volvo enthusiasts by Volvo enthusiasts. Cpme and and have a look at our collection Volvo (old-timer) cars and Volvo parts. You are more than welcome at 6,  heizenschedijk in Moergestel (The Netherlands). Your hobby is also ours.Click here for our Volvo parts web shop. Click here for our volvo car list.   Volvo 245 For Sale

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Volvo Maintenance

Voor reparatie en onderhoud aan uw (klassieke) Volvo bent u bij scandcar volvo onderdelen aan het juiste adres.
Onze speciaal voor (klassieke) volvo's ingerichte werkplaats wordt bemand door monteurs die al meer dan 30 jaar met Volvo's werken. En direct beschikking hebben over een grote voorraad volvo onderdelen

Volvo (old-timers) For Sales

Scandcar’s extended Volvo stock list now even more actual and comprehensive with photos and details. Click here to get to Scandcar’s Volvo stocklist.    

Volvo Parts Web Shop

Every week, our web shop consists of more photos and more Volvo parts. Click on to go to Scandcar’s classic volvo parts web shop.  

Welcome to Scandcar Volvo Parts

The site for and by Volvo enthusiasts. Come and have a look at our comprehensive collection Volvos. You are always welcome at 6, Heizenschedijk, Moergestel, the Netherlands. Your hobby is also ours!  

Ticking Sound in Radio Volvo

Sometimes, when you turn on the radio in your Volvo, you might hear the sound of the engine (or any other sound) via the speakers of the radio. This is often caused by the following: The dynamo The spark plugs and cables The distributor cap The board computer/ECU The earthing loop Firstly, always connect the radio/ directly

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Volvo S40

Now that there is no longer a Volvo factory in the Netherlands, Ghent builds the current models C30, S40, V50, S60, and S80. The Volvos C70, S80, V70, XC70, and XC90 are produced in Sweden. The Volvo S-class represents the safe 4-door cars. The V-class represents the station wagons. The C-class consists of coupés with

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Volvo 480

In 1986, Volvo launched the Volvo 480 as the successor of the 300 series, which were extremely popular in England, France and the Netherlands. All models in the 400 series were produced in Born, in the Dutch province Limburg. The 400 series consts of the models 440, 460, and the previously mentioned 480. The numbering