Stainless Steel Bumpers Volvo PV544

Stainless steel does not have the disadvantages of chrome: It will always remain glossy Small damages are fixed easily by polishing with copper-steel polish Dents can be beaten out easily and re-polished So from now on, your car will ALWAYS have great high-gloss bumpers!

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Volvo Amazon Stainless Steel Bumpers

New at Scandcar: in-house production High gloss polished stainless steel bumpers for the Amazon, absolutely indistinguishable from chrome. Stainless steel does not have the disadvantages of chrome, it always remains nice and shiny. Small damages simply disappear by using copper-steel polish. Dents can                                   be beaten back easily and repolished. So from now on ALWAYS high gloss bumpers

Volvo Amazon

Model Overview Volvo Amazon   P1200 A, 1957   Group   Foreword 4-doors sedan was introduced in October 1956 at Earl’s Court CarExhibition in London The Amazon was mainly available in a 4-doors with two-tone colours;  also available in monochrome black (19) Black body/grey roof, grey body/black roof etc. The following colours were standard available: 19, 49,