Volvo 245

One of the series in which Scandcar is specialised is the Volvo 240 and 245, volvo 245the hit of the 70s and 80s.

After slightly changing design and safety aspects, the 240 series became one of most successful series ever, with the Volvo 244 and Volvo 245 as showpieces. The Volvo 244 was the robust sedan version; the 245 was the sturdy and very spacious station wagon. Still today, you see those unmistakeable classic cars with their typical seventyish and eightyish look and feel, in Dutch and Swedish streets.

The cars were very spacious and particularly the station version had a big trunk. The 240 models, including the 244 and 245, were available for more than 15 years. Unfortunately, in 1992 the curtain fell for the Volvo 240 sedan. In 1993, also the production of the station wagon or the estate ceased.

Scandcar imports and maintains these models. There is always a nice variety of Volvos 244 and 245 in stock. In addition, Scandcar organised reproductions of parts, to keep the Volvos 244 and 245, that are still on the road, in a good and safe condition.


Volvo 245 265 series Cars for sale 


Volvo 245 Technical Specifications

Type 4/5S EST
Body Style 5-doors

Measurements & Weight

Wheel Base 2640 mm
                 Track Front 1420 mm
Rear 1350 mm
Length 4790 mm
Width 1710 mm
Height 1460 mm
Ground Clearance 110 mm
Weight 1440 kg
Tank Capacity 60 L


Engine number B20 B21ET B23 B200 B230
Make Volvo
Type S-4
Nat carter
8 Valves
2 valves per cylinder
Number of Camshaft Bearings 5
Construction cast iron block; light alloy head
Bore x Stroke 92.00mm × 80.00mm
Bore/Stroke Ratio 1.15
Cylinder Capacity 2127 cm3
Cylinder Capacity unit 531.75 cm3
Compression Ratio 7.50:1
Fuel System Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection en carburateur
Aspiration Turbocharged
Type of Compresor 1 Garrett AiResearch TB 03 turbocharger
Max. capacity
155.1 PS (114.1 kW)
@5500 t/min
Torque Curve
240.0 Nm (24.5 kgm)
bij 3750 t/min
Specific Capacity 72.9 PS/L
53.6 kW/L
Specific Torque 112.83 Nm/L


Speed Vmax/Max. 150-190 km/u
Capacity/Weight Ratio 107.73 PS/ton
79.23 kW/ton


Positioning Long posted (?) For Engine
Steering rack & pinion
Number Rotations steering wheel 4.300
Suspension Front I.MS.LW.CS.ARB.
Rear LA.TwinTrailRA.CS.ARB.
Rim Size Front/Rear 6J x 15/6J x 15
Tyre Size Front 195/65 R 15
Tyre Size Rear 195/65 R 15
Brakes Front/Rear VeDi/Di-S
Ve: Ventilated brake disks
Di: Disc Brakes
Dr: Drum Brakes
S: Power-assisted Braking
Brake diameter front/Rear 272/295 mm
Braking Surface
Gear Box 4OD
Drive Rear Wheel Drive
Top Gear Ratio 0.79
Rear Axle 4.10