Volvo Amazon

Model Overview Volvo Amazon


P1200 A, 1957





  • 4-doors sedan was introduced in October 1956 at Earl’s Court CarExhibition in London
  • The Amazon was mainly available in a 4-doors with two-tone colours;  also available in monochrome black (19)
  • Black body/grey roof, grey body/black roof etc.
  • The following colours were standard available: 19, 49, 50, 51, and 54


2a Engine


  • B16A engine, 66 SAE hp


2b Cooling System


  • a roller blind for the radiator can be operated from the cabine by using a chain.



2c Fuel & Exhaust Systems

  • Petrol pump with sight glass


2d Control Linkage

·       accelerator pedal attached to bottom plate


3 Electrical Equipment, Instruments

  • 6 Volt DC electrical system
  • Colour of the front indicator, whichsolely functions as an indicator, is white. There is provision for a parking light
  • Front position light can be found in the headlamp
  • The glass of the rear lights is red and has a parking light provision. There is no provision for reversing lamps
  • Standard built-in clock on the right hand side of the dashboard, until chassis number 13345
  • a two-piece boot handle with on both sides a white light for the number plate as well as an extra red light as rear light


4 Power Train Rear Axle

  • H6 3-gearbox, 1st gear not synchronised
  • Rear Axle type ENV, Transmission 4.56:1
  • Hydraulic use of the clutch



5 Brakes

  • Brake master cylinder is similar to clutch cylinder, just bigger
  • Handbrake can be found between driver’s seat and door
  • Drum brakes all around


6 Front axle, Wheels, Steering

  • Closed rims, 4 inch width with a thin stainless steel decoration ring in the rim flange
  • Smooth chrome hubcap with centred red V-logo
  • Rim colour is the same as the colour of the body
  • Tyre size: 5.90-15, model diagonal with white side face


8 Bodywork

  • Padding (Lozenges structure) of the dashboard is extended (approx. 35 cm) over the top edge of the front door; the rear windos in the rear doors can be turned for fresh air
  • The heater function can be found on the far left side of the dashboard and operates a first type heater valve with steel casing
  • The heater differs from later models
  • The dashboard consist of an Amazon branded radio cover
  • Chrome rearview mirror
  • Backrest of rear seat comes standard with folding armrest and the V-sign in the middle
  • Imitation leather upholstery in four horizontal stripes
  • Attachment points for diagonal twopoint seatbelts front, the seatbelts themselves are accessories
  • On the hood, the word V O L V O is in gold
  • The emblem on the front fender is situated on the side of the jam. above the  trim. It indicates Amazon in gold
  • On the rear bulkhead is indicated V O L V O [1956: Volvo letters [similar like on the hood, but then in silver, on middle part of rear bumper]
  • The trunk closure is not situated in the boot but underneath
  • Characteristic for the three-piece grille is the heavy aluminium rim that covers the entire depth of the front plate and wide horizontal bars
  • The front is rather different with a kink in the middle
  • Firewall to the boot is missing, it consists of a carton board pane



9 Miscellaneous Equipment


  • As extra there is a diagonal twopoint safety belt in the front
  • The screen washer system is extra
  • Fenders are accessories
  • Heating in the front only


Year Model: 1958



·       16 april 1958: start of export cars, 4-gearbox solely 


·       Introduction of the B16B with 85 SAE bhp in combination with the M4 4-gearbox; as extra this gearbox can also be ordered with the B16A.


·       Fender emblem: Amazon or–S in gold, -S in red matte.

  • Standard colours: 19, 49, 50, 51, 54 and 60.


  • Mounting thread for threepoint safety belts comes standard; the seat belts however are accessories



Year Model 1959



  • The boot handle changes into a pointed and elongated single form with rune sign and the word VOLVO. The bottom of the rune sign is also the boot lid opener.
  • The heater function moves from the left side of the dashboard to the middle
  • The heater unit gets changed. the casing of the electric fan is convex-shaped, grey-blue in coloue and is placed in the middle of the bulkhead
  • The fender emblem: Volvo-121 or Volvo 122-S, black matte on gold, the S in red matte; for the Swedish market the Amazon-logo remains.
  • 2 extra standard monochrome colours get introduced: 56 and 59, both described as olive green


  • Introduction of the standard threepoint seat belt with square buckle on the centre console



Year Model 1960



  • Introduction in the USA of the 122S



  • The 121 can now also be ordered with the M31 gearbox, a  Laycock de Normanville gearbox plus overdrive (on top of the standard H6 and M4)
  • All gearboxes now standard come with Synchromesh on first gear


  • Colour pallet expands with colour 42



Year Model 1961



  • The 122 can be ordered with the M30 semi automatic 3-gearbox


  • Improved car seats front and rear
  • Available colours: 19, 31, 42, 56. 59, 67 and combinations 49, 50, 51, 54 and 60


Year Model 1962



  • September 1961: introduction of the 131 model, a 2-doors body, in black only
  • September 1962: introduction of the 221 model, a station wagon, with the B18A only


  • Introduction of the B18A with 75 SAE bhp and the B18D with 90 SAE bhp
  • Valve cover with cap in the middle; the heater remains covex-shaped and blue-grey in colour
  • B18A in combination with the M40 or the M30 gearbox
  • B18D in combination with the M40 4-gearbox or the M41 

              4 plus overdrive


  • hanging accelerator pedal



  • Switching to 12 Volt
  • The indicators get their well known shape, orange for indication and a white front position light


  • Rear Axle Ratio M30+40: 4.10:1

M41: 4.56:1

  • For the 221: 4.55:1


  • B18D always in combination with disc brakes on front axle
  • Brake booster/servo is an accessory



  • Sedan and station wagon keep the 4 inch rims with tyre size 5.90-15
  • The Estate has 4.5 inch rims with tyre size 6.40-15



  • The grille gets replaced by a slimmer version, though remains a three-piece. With the change of the grillea, also the front panel changes internally
  • The rear door ventilation window disappears
  • Mud flap emblems: Volvo-121 or Volvo-122S
  • Emblem B-18: in wide shape on the topleft side of the grille and in small shape on the bottom right side of the boot lid, red matte on gold
  • Emblem overdrive: in zigzag-shape on the left hand side of the boot lid.
  • The colour combinations discontinue, except the one for the Swedish Police
  • Available colours: 19, 42, 46, 65, 67, 72 and 73



Year Model 1963


  • Threepoint rear lights, now with reverse lights included and orange indicators


  • Available colours: 19, 42, 46. 60. 67. 72, 73, 79, 80 and 84




Year Model 1964


  • The cap of the valve cover now in the front


  • Introduction of the full y automatic 3-gearbox BW35 for 4-doors models. Rear axle: 4.1:1


  • Introduction of rectangular boot handle
  • Headliner now made of plastic
  • Available colours: 19, 42, 46, 60, 67, 79, 80, 84 and 85.



Year Model 1965


  • The 220 now also available with the B18D, with the M40 gearbox only


  • The cover of the heater’s electric fan is now flatter and totally black


  • Petrol Pump now a closed metal model


  • The windscreen washer now situated on top of the hood


  • All models now standard deliverer with disc brakes. The Estate is standard delivered with brake servo. For other models this is optional
  • Brake Pressure limiter (?) on rear axle


  • 4.5 inch rims with 8 silver grey oval cooling slots with smaller hubcaps. The V on the hubcaps is centred and in brillant monochrome black. Rims without rim trimming

Tyre sisze 6.0015 diagonal .

  • On the Estate rims of 5 inch


  • A new one-piece grille with a thin horizontal bar and three small vertical bars
  • No more emblem for engine indication. The rune sign on aluminium in matte black can be found on the left hand side of the grille
  • Fender emblems now under ornamental frame, square shaped with stylish little crown, model indication: 121 in matte black on bare metal; 122S in matte red on bare metal
  • Emblem Overdrive now straight
  • Handle on dashboard for passenger
  • Available colours: 19, 42, 46, 60, 79, 80, 84, 89 and 90


  • Orthopedic seats with optional head rests. Preparation for rear seat belts. On the centre console a different connection (oval buckle) for the front seat belts




Year Model 1966



  • Introduction of the Favorit, a simplified 131 with M30 gearbox


               Without ornamental frame on windscreen and rear window, no weather strip on the roof, no lighter, just one visor and a small side window that cannot
be opened. Only available in black or white.


  • The  B18D now gives 95 SAE hp.


  • Available colours: 19, 42, 46, 60, 79, 80, 89, 90 and 91.



Year Model 1967



  • Final production year of the P120
  • Introduction of the 123GT as run off flagship


  • The Zenith carburettor of the  B18A is replaced by a Stromberg and gives now 85 SAE hp
  • The B18D gets an exhaust manifold with dual front pipes and delivers now 100 SAE hp.


  • The arrival of the closed cooling system.


  • Yet another new grille, now with slimmer bars
  • The rune sign in black on aluminium can be found on the left grille
  • Seat belt system is the same as the for the 140.
  • on the hood, the word Volvo is now in silver instead of gold


Specifications 123GT:

  • B 18B with 115 SAE hp from the P1800.
  • Ornamental piece at the end of the exhaust pipe
  • standard alternator
  • Wipers with stronger springs
  • One fog light and one spot light
  • Lighting in engine compartment and trunk
  • M41 – standard overdrive
  • Emblems of 123GT on fenders and boot lid
  • Ornamental ring between hubcap and rim flange, following the cooling slots
  • Two fender mirrors
  • Tachometer central on the dashboard
  • Small tray in the centre of the dashboard.
  • 3-spoke steernig wheel with the hooter in the middle, underneath the GT-sign
  • Recliner seats
  • Radial tyres in size:  165 SR 15
  • Available colours: 19, 42, 46, 60, 79, 91, 94, 95, 96 and 102 (GT only)



Year Model 1968



  • The B18D has been discontinued


  • Brake booster/servo system standard on all models


  • Introduction of the shared steering column in combination with a safety steering wheel


  • Available colours: 42, 46, 60, 79, 94, 95, 96, 97 and 102 (GT only).




Year Model 1969



  • This is the last production year of the 220


  • Introduction of the B20A with 90 SAE hp and as B20B with 118 SAE hp
  • Improved emission system


  • Alternator now standard on all models


  • clutch controle changes from hydraulic to mechanic by cable


  • Separated braking system in double triangle shape: per system both front brakes and one rear brake
  • Warning light for the use of the hand brake
  • Waarschuwingslampje voor gebruik van de handrem.
  • Steering wheel lock


  • Rectangular emblem B20 on left hand grille
  • Stronger quality upholstery seats
  • The map bags disappear from the door upholstery
  • Kaartentassen verdwijnen van de deurbekleding
  • The roof trimming has disappeared
  • Ornamental strip on the centre of the hood has been left out
  • Available colours: 42, 46, 60, 79, 94, 96, 97, 99 and 102 (GT only)




Year Model 1970

Final production year


  • Seat belts standard for the rear seat
  • Head rests standard for front seats (were optional since 1965)
  • For certain markets the bumper guards disappear
  • Available colours: 42, 46, 60, 79, 94, 96 and 99




Total Production: 667.323












Fender Emblems:










Door Handles





Emblems at the rear: