Volvo PV 444

Volvo pv 544 katterug

During the first decennia, the trucks and busses dominated the Volvo production. When in 1931, the ten thousandth vehicle was produced, less than 40% were passenger cars. Only in 1949, Volvo started to produce more passenger cars than trucks.

At that time, Volvo supplied approximately three thousand cars per annum, predominantly the PV444 model. The model with the round descending back received the nickname “Buckel” or Fastback and was developed during the World War II in neutral Sweden. The car was very popular in post-war Europe, because cars were scarce. The 100,000th  PV444 was sold in 1956.



Already in 1959, Volvo developed the three-point seat belts for the front seats of the car, which were standard built in the Volvo Amazon and PV544. Today, these belts are global
industry standard.

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